Masayo Colley
As a graphic designer and illustrator, she has a passion to achieve high quality works based on her clients requirements.  Her most important business philosophy is listening to the client carefully and aim to exceed the the client’s expectation with schedule.
Masayo has a variety of design project experiences, from web site design and delivery to a range of print media design, illustration and art direction.
As an illustrator, Masayo loves drawing Japanese Manga which has its own specific techniques. A rich variety of facial expressions are used according to the needs of each scene. Masayo likes drawing stories for and about girls, showing sweet, cute and dramatic scenes with beautiful and unique characters.
As an artist, Masayo has a passion about stroke movement using a brush with traditional black ink.  She has been studying Sumi-e, Japanese traditional ink brush painting, since June 2017.
Masayo is inspired by the schools of Impressionism and Japonism .  Many Impressionist artists from the 19th century were influenced by the Japanese arts of Ukiyo-e and Rimpa.  These Japanese arts have a very distinct use of colour, layout and drawing stroke very different from Western techniques.
Masayo is searching for an innovative combination of both western and eastern, a merging of Impressionism and Japonism.