I began teaching art when a Japanese language school, Nihongo-Juku, offered me a role just after completing an art exhibition.  I feel so delighted to teach art to children.  I’ve realized that it’s so important that children use real art materials with their hands.  They have lost the chance to use their hands recently because digital tools are replacing real art materials.  I really recommend using real art materials especially before going to high school.  Creative minds and brains develop through using hands and visual experiences at a young age.  Moreover, using Japanese and English during class helps to encourage learning a second language.  Joy is the most important motto in my class.  So encouraging children to have a lot of joyful art experiences is the main purpose of my art classes.
Diploma of Business / Bachelor of Graphic Design / Master of Design

Diploma of Business / Bachelor of Graphic Design / Master of Design

”オンラインアートクラスについて About the online art classes
* 対象年齢5歳〜12歳

About the online art classes
The class fee is special price during lock down (normal online class is $20 )
* Classes for 5~12 years old.
* Maximum only 7 students in each classes.
*Only once attendance is fine.
*Needing Minimum more than two students attendance to occur a class.
*Booking will be confirmed after payment.
*Tuition fee must be paid three days class in advance.
*The condition is at this link. Please read carefully.
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How to draw classes! In this classes drawing poplar characters or animals by easy way following Masayo’s original technique! which all easily achieve quality drawing! You feel improve after attending only one session!

Using Original Technique, which all students easily achieve quality drawing!
It’s a online classes, but students will enjoy and achieve a lot!


45分/1名、1回 AU$15(オーストラリア国内銀行振込 )、AU$16(Stripeインターネット決済システム)

45 min /one time, one student
AU$15(Australian domestic bank transfer ),
AU$16(Internet payment system: Stripe )
*The class fee is special price during lock down (normal class is $20/a class )

*Any question or require, please message to as feel free.

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▲Application Process▲

1)Please fill out this application form.

2)Will back to you and let you know which day is able to attend by Please check trash or spam folder as well in the case.

3)confirming your booking after payment.

4)Will send you zoom link of you booking class, if you couldn’t get, please contact to

5)Please attend class at zoom link which is sending details one.

Any question or require, please message to as feel free.







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